Sunday, November 25, 2007

I woke up to dung dung cheng today. Dung dung cheng meaning a Chinese funeral procession. NO OFFENCE AT ALL to Chinese people but really, I didn't appreciate that.

Yesterday, Nurul and Me saw something truly disgusting on the way home. No, it's not Syd or Michael. And it's not an old man masturbating either. We were just about to enter the MRT when the man in front of us suddenly took a VERY large step, like he wanted to avoid stepping on something.

Then he went in and we saw a hugeass puddle of vomit on the floor. Like, really huge. EW.

So we went in another door and sat down. From there we could see the vomit wasn't just on the floor, it was on the door and the panel as well. LIKE WTF? And it was alot lah! Did the person vomit or bloody explode?

And yeah, Nurul got off at Dhoby Ghaut so she didn't have to endure the smell, so there I was giggling to myself watching unsuspecting morons step on the vomit and then curse and swear to themselves. HAHA. There was a girl who ALMOST leaned on the door with the vomit. Almost.

I should have taken a photo. Damn.

Listening to John Mayer again.

Is working against me
And gravity
Wants to bring me down
Twice as much
Ain't twice as good

This week, I'm back to my closing pattern again. Hehe.

Yana: Hahaha bummly bum keper. Awww. ILY ILY.
Ham: Can I slap you first? Then you explain? Or try to explain?
Fadlul: LOL pantat.
Nurul: HAHAHA eh careful don't die by choking on your own saliva. So tak glam.

Cheers people.

@ 8:59 PM

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I want to blog.

But I'm tired. Tomorrow lah.

@ 8:15 AM

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I feel like being a bum today!

Because today, marks the first day, of TP DESIGN BREAK.
Oh yeah babys, I will be free from school for six weeks.

*skips around in glee

*skips around some more

*bangs into wall

But no. I'm not a bum by nature, I think. I have to start work on the zine design because deadline is looming near. I think I'm a serious workaholic. I feel weird if I don't have something to hand in, or closing to do, or just something on my hands. And if I don't have anything to do, I will find something to do! Go out or something.

I don't understand how people can just laze around at home. HOW SIA I CANNOT!

I mean, I sleep too much and I get a headache, and because of that, Panadol has become my best friend. I sit at home for too long and I get a bloody headache.

Maybe one day I'll get tired of having things to do.

"Yo momma so old when they asked her to act her age, she died."

Ahem. Sorry.

Going store later. So what's new.

I need fucking fags man. Hais.

Shit I'm getting goosebumps listening to John Mayer.

It's these kind of songs that just make you smile and forget all the shit in your life.
You know, like when your Mum starts screaming at your brothers.

I mean, I love my mother, but she has this uncanny ability to irritate the crap out of me. Even when it's not concerning me, you know? I'm like, OMG STOP IT MOTHER.

Oh wells. Just like how all makciks are irritating. Except my mother is not a gossip and she has a more youthful and relevant perspective than your normal average makcik.

I feel like bitchsmacking my laptop sometimes. It lags at the most random of times. I HATE LAGS. Somehow I am very impatient when it comes to computers. I expect everything to run smoothly and quickly and woe betide any computer that dare lags on me.

AH fuck it.

@ 9:10 PM

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I am so senget now, it's not funny anymore.

Okay, being the relative noob that I am, yesterday was the first time I moshed in a pit. I tore my dress, my legs are aching and I have a splitting headache. But it was awesome.

Lime Sonic Bang was not too bad, just that the emcees talked way too damn much. I'm like Shut the hell up and get on with the show already you mother! And each band only got to play what, three damn songs? Like weh.

I got to catch Caracal (ah, hotness), Plain Sunsets, GSE, AVA. For the first two, I stood somewhere at the back. Then for GSE, I progressed to going into the pit, but at the side. People were pushing from inside, and the guards were pushing from outside. A barricade fell down, I almost lost my shoes, I was screaming FUCK all over the place, and FUCK YOU to all the mothers who groped, shoved and physically assaulted me. Thanks. Then for AVA I found myself right up in front larsey! Like magically you know. Thanks to Diyana ah si giler tu.

Me and Yana were surrounded by tall guys and I felt scared for my life.

Then the world went blur. Literally. One big awesome fucked-up blur.


Cannot sia, do that everyday.

Then we had breakfast at Macs. Like drunk fucktards already, I couldn't stop laughing. Fadly and Fahni are two of the funniest fuckers I've ever met. Wait till I murder them.

Then I went home and slept. Four three hours.

And now I'm senget. Hehe.
Okay bye.

@ 1:49 AM

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Woke up at twelve today to aching shoulder blades and my brother blasting Muse on the computer. Not too shabby.

I'm starting to like the feeling of short hair, or rather, the lack of feeling. Imagine the shampoo I'll save. I can make one bottle last three times the amount of time compared to when I had long hair! How awesome is that. I'll save water, reduce waste, reduce hair loss (leading to a cleaner bedroom floor), I mean, I can make the world a better place!

Okay I'm talking cock now.

Yesterday, eh no, this morning I felt very high somehow and talked nonsense with Yana on the transport back home. I think I was so tired I couldn't feel the tiredness. I'm becoming like Zaini. Driven insane by tiredness.

Supposed to have Learning Coach class today but it got cancelled. Nabei, cheat me of my feelings. Excited already know!

Yesterday Boss dropped by and stayed till closing. And he was singing to "You Are Not Alone" with actions larsey! Too bad I missed that split second where he came running in and singing a line from the song with arms wide open and all. Yana saw, go ask her how it was.

Am at Starbucks Civic Center now. Yana is taking a nice nap and I am using her lappy. I love typing on her lappy. Like very nice like that.

We played insanely cute stickmen shootout games just now. Gory but cute.

I had sushi. Yum. I think that's why I feel happy. Because of sushi. Really! Sushi has this indescribable power to make me happy.

I mean, when was the last time I typed an un-emo post huh?

I should eat sushi everyday.
I should eat sushi everyday.
I should eat sushi everyday.
I should eat sushi everyday.
I should eat sushi everyday.
I should eat sushi everyday.

That was fun. Nyaha.

But, I couldnt find scallops, my favourite. Huh. Oh wells. Maybe I shoudn't be too happy today.

Okay I think that's enough. Cheers.

@ 11:21 PM

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

There's method to my emo-ness.

Yesterday I was so damn tired. I just felt like screaming at all the last minute customers, " AW COME ON GIMME A BREAK! "

At least I'm not sick anymore, I think.

@ 9:12 PM

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I've fallen to the flu bug. And so abruptly, too.

My head's fuzzy, my throat feels like there's a cactus stuck in it, and I keep breaking out in cold sweat. I feel like I'm not really existing, just living on a plane of quintessential being ( aka stoning like nobody's business ) and at the same time, typing incoherent sentences.

Hakimo: Starring kepe. Hahaha.

Hamberg: Before I smack you, it's okay! I can wear the dress another time! Haish. You know what, I think I will smack you anyways.

I'm supposed to be at work today, but because I cannot stand for long periods of time without feling like fainting, I am at home. And I will be for the rest of the day. Like, FOR EFFING ONCE, I am not out. Okay people, can go buy 4D now.

You know when they say, the only enemy you ever face is yourself?

And you know whenever I fall sick, I tend to think alot?

Sometimes I don't know what the hell I'm doing to myself. There's this feeling of detachment that I can't figure out no matter how hard I try to comprehend it. I know I'm still young, and there will be a moment in time where I'll feel like I've had enough, but in the meanwhile, I don't want to hurt those I care about, and those who have cared, or still do, about me.

But stopping, my friends, is far easier said than done.


Oh wells. This is between me and my evil twin.

I saw Marc in Juice! Haha And Kaycee from Caracal was in the same column. LOLS. I went Eh? (when I saw KC), then I went EH?!(when I saw Marc) Hahas.

Eh Shikin. I miss you.

Excuse me while I continue my rambling so-called existence on a parameter of illness and delusion. Cheers.

@ 12:34 AM

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I wish I don't blush so easily.

No no no it's just the red polo, hokay?

Stupid fuckface complainant yesterday night. If you can't stand noise, go live under a rock. Thank you.

Closing for four days straight. Bleah. Thank God I have a looooooooong weekend starting Thursday. No school till Tuesday. Yeah balls (thanks Nurul, now you got me started) !

Pay's here. Time to tear down the shops.


@ 9:29 PM

Monday, November 05, 2007

ILY: OKEHH! Thanks darl.

HAM: Eh you another one, very random ahs. Oh, you weren't irritating what. Haiyo. Anyway, as long as good food is in the equation, it's never a bad thing. Trust me.

CHRISTINE: LMAO. You cuckoonehneh. Edit a new image? Like in Photoshop sia. Hahaha!

NURUL: I'm having migraines thinking of how to cut my hair. Hahaha.

IZZY: Um, yeah, I guess so. HAHAHA!

I'm tired.

@ 8:06 AM

Friday, November 02, 2007

Sometimes I wonder, what is it about me, that seem to attract all the fucktards in the world?

My past two boyfriends have been assholes, the guys I've dated have been more or less assholes, and the guys I'm getting to know are also, okay maybe not complete assholes but I can't seem to find a decent male whom I feel I can actually count on. They're all either mats (I know you know we know we all can't trust mats), childish morons, or people who are sweet and all (to the extent of giving flowers) but expect me to fall in love with them almost immediately.

Do I have "I only date FUCKFACES" stamped all over my face? DO I?

Damn. Why the sudden moodiness Fiq? People tell me not to think too much. I'M NOT.

I swear. You think I like being moody? WELL I DON'T K. You think I like being a cranky bitch? I don't! I'm slapping myself for being a cranky bitch but I can't stop being a cranky bitch. God.

Maybe I should get a life-sized Ken doll. I'll spray fake tan on him, put floppy blondish brown hair on him, dress him up like those oldschool Vespa boys and take him out. When I get enough money, I'll fix a voicebox and an intelligent microchip on him so we could have intellectual conversations by the sea.

Who says you can't find love in plastic?

Well, you can't. I can't marry Ken, can I? Grrr. And we cannot fornicate either. So that sucks.

Other than that, today was awesome. I don't like to impose my moodiness on people so I'm fine when I'm out with you guys. Makes me forget all the shit that's clogging up my mind. I feel so old sometimes. But I know, there's alot more worse shit that can happen to me when I actually get older so I'm thankful where I am now. I guess.

AH DAHLAH I don't know WTF I'm talking about anymore. I'll go to sleep now. Ta.

@ 9:08 AM


Okay, so I'm this girl right.

Who had big plans to change the world.
When I was young, I wanted to be either a zoologist, veterinarian or pilot.
I wanted to travel and help eradicate poverty.

And then when this girl grows up, she's all like, fack that!
She becomes guilty of things she never thought she'd have done.
She meets people of all shapes and sizes, some beautiful, some downright fugly.
Both inside and outside.
She becomes acquainted with some things called failure and commitment.
She realises love is as elusive as, perhaps, weight loss.

I let my inner demon out through my art.



green eyes on hot guys, red and purple shoes, pepper and cream puffs, lincoln park at midnight
sitting on carpark roofs talking nonsense, meaningful silences, chewy cookie bits in vanilla ice cream
chocolate icing, shopping till my legs give out, smiling at random people, thinking about stuff



panadol or whatever pills for that matter, retarded nails, losing my voice, being broke
bananas, my thighs and big ass, man boobs, seeing something i really like but discovering that it costs a bomb


levi's jeans, pimple cream, fake lashes, hair dye, a bigger paycheque, M&Ms
new specs, and possibly a hotass guy to sweep me off my feet



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