Friday, March 31, 2006

Thank God it's Friday!

Tomorrow will be the first Saturday, in a long time, that I can sleep in. Seriously, I can put gallons of Vitamin E eye-cream in the hope of getting rid of my eyebags but at the rate I'm sleeping (or not), the chance of them going away is much like KC Lau getting married again. Feeling very drained these days, especially when the March holidays went by just like that. I didn't even feel it pass, much less get any rest.

I am very alarmed at how fast the days are passing me by. It seemed just like yesterday that it was my birthday, and now it's April already. And yes, my birthday was on 17th March, for the less informed. Of course I still accept presents. I accept presents anytime, even if it's a few months late or whatever. But then again which sane person would give me a present out of pure benevolence right?

Now it's already the end of Week 2 Term 2 and the teachers are already talking about common tests in Week 6 or 7 or whatever, which is only 4 weeks to June holidays. Which is another 4 weeks to prep prelims. Which is a few months short of O-Levels.

Even though I profess to be anti-SG education system or whatever nonsense like that, my mind seems to be preoccupied with studies. Maybe a few moments I think about something else, but the next, I'm worrying whether I left out any homework or is there anything I haven't passed up yet. On a bigger scale, I wonder if I'm doing enough to take on O-Levels, whether I'm putting in enough effort or not. It gives me a headache and it is freaking me out.

Okay and why am I talking about this on a Friday night??? What the hell..

Maybe PMS really got to me. She's so.. urghhhhfffrrkkk.

Anyway. Hmm.

I have decided to lose weight once and for all. No, this is not a ninny half-hearted attempt to fit into a pair of pants or whatever, but this time I'm going to go applorexic! I'm not going to go into the details, because I know people are going to go What the fuck is wrong with you?? And dismiss it with a wave of their hands, thinking I'm just having a bout of deludedness and I'm not going to follow through. YOU JUST WATCH.

I will shrink before your very eyes! Bwahahahaha. And I will use all you skinny people as my models of inspiration. And I'm not saying it to make you feel guilty, like it's your fault that you are super thin or anything, okay? You're skinny, good! Like they say, size doesn't matter.

Then why lose weight right?

Suke aku ah...

And you won't hear much from me about this new plan of mine. Because I know you're sick of hearing about my battles with weight and shit, so I won't say anything.

Besides, I've made a vow this year: To keep my mouth shut. More or less.

I will cut down on unnecessary wiseass comments and I will take good care and caution in what I say all the time.

I guess that's enough blogging for now. Tatas!

@ 4:58 AM

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I've started blogging again! I suddenly had such pangs to blog. Yes, I miss telling the whole world about my boring little life. So yes. So what if blogs are over-hyped? Just because people are getting famous by blogging they have to say Oh blogs are just stupid things that people with no lives use to get a life. Whatevs. Fame always comes with detractors. What can I say.

School is blah, as always.


My contact lens is being such a bitch. By the way, I am using Bausch & Lombe contact lens solution. GASP!!! I know right. I'm probably going to get an eye infection right now and die spasming on the floor. Then my eyes will roll out. And the contact lens will shrivel up, self-combust, and melt my eyeballs in the process. Bahh.

What's the conclusion anyway? About the whole contact lens solution thing? B&L happens to be an excellent brand and has given me no problems whatsoever. Plus it's cheap and easily accessible. Now they have to go take it off the shelves. And the issue is currently hanging in the air now. I swear I will squirt B&L Renu solution in all of their eyes. Whoever they are. Give me my B&L assholes!!!


I am sixteen. And I still feel like a thirteen year old. I mean, Hey I can watch NC-16 movies! I can play pool anywhere I want! I can have sex legally! But you know? 16 is just 4 more years to 20, which means goodbye teenagehood, hello adult world. Which is so OLD I cannot stand it! When I'm eighteen I can go clubbing. I can get a driving licence. When I'm 20, I'm probably finishing up my education, and getting ready for the working world.

Please, I have cousins getting pregnant at 18, getting freaking married at 20 and shit like that. Brrr.

Okay why am I talking about this again?

It's way past ten. I don't even know why I'm online when I'm supposed to be doing homework. Hello sLik??? I am so belo seriously.

Guess that's all for now. Till next time.

@ 5:58 AM


@ 5:39 AM


Okay, so I'm this girl right.

Who had big plans to change the world.
When I was young, I wanted to be either a zoologist, veterinarian or pilot.
I wanted to travel and help eradicate poverty.

And then when this girl grows up, she's all like, fack that!
She becomes guilty of things she never thought she'd have done.
She meets people of all shapes and sizes, some beautiful, some downright fugly.
Both inside and outside.
She becomes acquainted with some things called failure and commitment.
She realises love is as elusive as, perhaps, weight loss.

I let my inner demon out through my art.



green eyes on hot guys, red and purple shoes, pepper and cream puffs, lincoln park at midnight
sitting on carpark roofs talking nonsense, meaningful silences, chewy cookie bits in vanilla ice cream
chocolate icing, shopping till my legs give out, smiling at random people, thinking about stuff



panadol or whatever pills for that matter, retarded nails, losing my voice, being broke
bananas, my thighs and big ass, man boobs, seeing something i really like but discovering that it costs a bomb


levi's jeans, pimple cream, fake lashes, hair dye, a bigger paycheque, M&Ms
new specs, and possibly a hotass guy to sweep me off my feet



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