Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why do you like,
To hurt so much?
That's what you get
When you let your heart win.

They taped over your mouth,
Scribbled out the truth with their lies,
Your little spies.
We're all alone now,
I need something to sing about.

No I don't think you're ready,
If you are then say this with me girl,
We were born for this.

You got my heart in a headlock,
You stopped the blood and made my head soft.
And God knows,
You've got me sewn.

I am bored, hungry and annoyed because my jeans keep falling down half my butt. Anyone got spare belt?

Humming random songs in my head.

And I know this much is true,
Baby you,
Have become my addiction.

@ 7:54 PM

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Work yesterday sucked. I mean, work itself doesn't suck, it's just that the crowd was damn effed up yesterday. Sure we welcome crowds, but when the crowds are selfish and inconsiderate, it can really take its toll.

Yesterday I worked from 4 till closing, supposedly to cover for Syaf but she, being the lovely dear that she is, ended up staying as well. She was supposed to study for her CMC, but she couldn't squeeze in anymore so she pitched in for closing. So did Jossie. Love them both.

Anyway, what pissed me off was the condition of the store, especially the al fresco area, at around 11ish, nearing closing. It was, to put it kindly, disgusting.

I went out to do bussing and was visually assaulted by practically every unoccupied table occupied with plastic cups, mugs, trays and plates, and miscellaneous garbage (like sugar puddles, spills, sticky straws and stirrers, crumbs/lumps of wet food, cigarettes whatever). I mean, the tables were overflowing with things, like, my God.

Plus, some customers decided to treat the store like their father's house and drag chairs and tables all over the damn place and leave them like that. SO RUDE CAN.

I have no problem with you taking a few chairs or joining two tables together to accommodate a big group but the bloody least you can do is put them bloody back together right? Or if not, don't leave such a freaking hugeass mess lah! Bloody fuck.

What do you guys do with your food seriously? Throw pieces of cheesecake or muffin at each other? Make sugar snow? Are you customers or animals?

I think I spent about twenty minutes clearing everything. I tried to arrange all the tables and chairs but I gave up after realising my attempts were futile because the other customers were sitting on the missing chairs/using the missing chairs as bag/feet rests.

I think we should make it a rule for people to dispose of their own rubbish after patronising any cafe or whatever. As long as it is disposable, throw it away. If it's a plate or a mug, then never mind, just leave it there. I was just so damn annoyed that people actually felt comfortable just leaving such a huge mess at a public place. It's not just simply leaving cups and plates on the table, it's like Let's Get Creative With Our Garbage Time!

Let's take ten sachets of sugar per drink (doesn't matter what drink it is, we're not going to put it in our drinks anyway), as many straws and stirrers as we can, grab a bunch of serviettes, and oh, don't forget the five cups of ice water (my favourite!). Then let's grab another table and as many chairs as we can (one for my bag and another for my feet, and maybe another just for fun), play around with our food (make sugar castles and have a crumb generating competition), linger around for at least three to five hours and not give a damn that the place is closing in five minutes, basically must make as huge a mess as possible (oh, don't forget to leave all the chairs and tables in their random positions), assuming the baristas have superhuman strength and stamina to handle our crap as well as clean up after us.

Sounds like a fantastic plan! Woohoo!

Chee. Uglyass customers.

Of course I'm not referring to each and every customer as uglyass, some are nice enough to return plates and whatnot.

But the others. Oh wells.

Just wanted to bitch about that for abit. Good night everybody.

@ 5:15 AM

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Don't you just love it when you've put on your eyeliner and jeans and you find plans cancelled on you?

*am in a stormy mood*

First, I was supposed to go picnicking with my classmates. I woke up and I find that none of them have called or smsed to tell me of the plans, since yesterday night. Okaaay. Then, I was supposed to meet The Tasty Bunch for a *eeks* study date, despite me having absolutely no studying to do haha. So I thought since everybody's going to be there, finally, I will go for the sole reason of seeing everybody together.

Then Sarah smsed me saying she left her handphone in a cab so she can't make it. Then Han said she probably couldn't make it either because her extra lessons starts early. Then I smsed Atiqah and Shahidah, and both haven't replied me till now. Thanks ah.

Oh wells.

I should have bloody worked. Sorry Shikin.

I'm not pissed, I'm just like, today is supposed to be my off day (no school, no work) and I have no plans. Rotting at home is not one of my favourite activities. So. Yah.

Oh wells.

I think I'll download Illustrator and play around with vectors (no, not the Physics thing). I think I've found interest in vector art. Hmms.

I miss him. Pantat.

Suddenly I'm craving for potong ice-cream. ??? Okay when the uncle comes with his ice-cream cart, I will buy.

Okay Yana just corrected me. It's ice cream potong lah! Haha. Thanks babe.

I'm too damn lazy to blog anymore. Till later, if I feel like continuing. Hehs.

@ 10:16 PM

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I WANT TO FREAKING GO FOR FFAF. Can somebody pay for my tickets? I swear I'll love you forever.

Work later. No school today. I'm happy the block is over. Hasn't been a good one for me.

Bracing myself for hugeass crowds at work. Again. Because of the fireworks festival. Gahh.

Gosh why am I typing so abruptly?

Okay anyway yesterday was a real nice day. Met up with Sarah and Han for a movie date! I haven't watched a movie in ages. Me and Sarah were planning to force Atiqah and Shahidah along when we sat at Jupiter Cafe on Wednesday. Simply because the five of us haven't had an outing together, with everyone present, since the chalet I think. And that was when seh. There's always people missing. Hohum.

In the end, it was just me, Sarah and Han. We watched Rush Hour 3, which was freaking hilarious. Made me choke on my popcorn. I only hope there's no Rush Hour 4 though, I can see the age creeping up on the both of them. I actually feel scared for Jackie when he does his stunts, not like in the previous Rush Hours when I go WOOT GO JACKIE YEAHHH! Oh wells.

We wanted to watch the 1.40 one at Cineleisure, but Han turned up late (so what's new? HAHA) and she suggested catching the 2.20 one at PS. Me and Sarah wanted to watch the 3.40 one at Cineleisure and make Han skip her extra lessons. Nyahaha. I mean, seriously, extra lessons at 6 in the evening? Bloody hell. I kept thinking it was a Friday because I had no proper lessons, plus, I wasn't working.

Me and Sarah walked to PS, and bumped into this doughnut shop somewhere along the way, and the doughnuts bear an extreme likeness to Donut Factory's. After swearing we'd come back because we simply couldn't make up our minds, we walked on.

After the movie, we went back. HAHA! I bought a box of 6 to share. But we were so full from Yoshi that we decided to walk to One Fullerton. From Dhoby Ghaut. It was an okay distance since I've acquired a newfound love for walking to almost anywhere in the town area, but poor Sarah was shagged. Lol. Oh wells.

Then we sat at store and stoned till 9ish. Ahhh. Lovely.

Okay bye.

@ 7:42 PM

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The past few days have been such a whirl.

Thursday was so utterly and completely insane I can't even begin to describe the level of insanity involved. It was National Day, as you all should know, and I was doing opening. People were coming in at 8 in the morning to chope seats and I'm like, Are you all okay??

I was bracing myself for crowds, and the slam started at 4ish. I was doing Frappuccinos, and I was all alone out there. Haha. I think I had a dozen drinks to make at any one time and I tell you I was so goddamn lost.

But the real crowd came at 5ish, and that was when all hell broke loose in SBOF. The line snaked all the way out of the store, the area outside was so jam packed we couldn't even move to do bussing, the back room was congested due to tied up rubbish bags because we couldn't do a trash run. Like, my God.

I was supposed to clock out at 3, but I ended up staying till 7 because of the crowd. STOP IT WITH THE ICE WATER PEOPLE. I mean, honestly, can't you freaking SEE that there's a long line and we probably (no, really) have no time to take your stupid ice water for you?

My various reactions; " OH you want WHAT? ICE WATER? OKAY SURE! (in a hysterically happy voice while grinning manically) "

" I'm sorry I can't hear you! (goes back to whatever I was doing in the first place) "

" HUH? Oh Okay (mumbles incoherently and wanders off)... "

" (smiles benignly while ignoring request) " I only do this if the customer is damn rude and pisses me off. Lol.

" (takes ice cubes and throws it at customer) " This one is fake. Haha.

I say, if customers say service in Singapore has a long way to go, the customers themselves have a long way to go in being gracious patrons. By being demanding and rude, they are only just demeaning and contradicting themselves by saying " Service in Singapore sucks. "

To them, ice water might be a small thing, but to us, it is a plastic cup wasted, a bunch of ice cubes wasted and precious seconds wasted! They don't pay anything for ice water, but we sacrifice time and stock which could be better used elsewhere, i.e for customers who order drinks.

What's worse, they ask for three or four cups at a time! That's fantastic! It's not like we have an ice water dispenser, we only have one filtered water dispenser on the floor and it is damn freaking slow so pardon us if we seem abit pissed that you ask for ice water.

LMAO. Sorry. I'm imagining the customers' reactions if I really throw ice cubes at them. HAHA! It'll be like Coyote Ugly, when a guy asks for water and gets sprayed with a water jet. Only this time it's more painful since the customer not only wants water, but ICE water. Hah.

Anyway, horrors, we ran out of straws! Of all things to run out of! Boss took a bunch of straws from Black Angus, and sent me off to the rescue. I had to battle through the throng at City Hall MRT to get to the Starbucks at Raffles City with a stupid bar mocha stain on my white polo tee (thank God I brought my cardigan) to get a big bag full of straws. I felt so noble.

When I came back the crowd was still going strong. I wish I could say the same about my legs. I couldn't feel them anymore and my stomach was aching real bad as I only had a measly bagel for the whole day. The police had cordoned off the whole One Fullerton area so people who came after 6 couldn't enter and were stuck right outside Starbucks. HAHA! I actually had to show my partner's card as proof that I was working there. As if the straws weren't enough.

Poor Sarah got stuck, but she finally managed to enter via another route. I finally punched out and sat down with Sarah and Shahidah. Thank you dears, for coming down. I wanted Han and Atiqah to be there too, so it would be like old times. It has been eons since we all went out as a bunch. Miss you guys.

Too bad I didn't see the boats. I'm sure you did fine honey.

The fireworks were beautiful.

After the whole thing, the place looked like a freaking warzone can! LITTER ALL OVER THE FREAKING PLACE bloody hell. Check out Sarah's blog for pics.

The poor bushes were trampled, there was newspapers strewn all over the ground, food packets all over the place, the dustbins were overflowing. The cleaners were having a field day picking them all up.
I must admit though, it was an enriching experience. I lost weight from all the running around. Haha!
Saturday was. Wells. Lovely.
Spent the night (and morning) with Hanif. It's been a while since I've found someone whose sole company I can enjoy.
I was born to tell you I love you
And I am torn to do what I have to
To make you mine
Stay with me tonight
But the one little ducky with a feather on its back
He ruled the others with a
quack quack quack
quack quack QUACK!
Didn't feel like going home at all. Yes yes, but then again since when do I feel like going home. I know.
Amin was supposed to shoot me today, but the poor guy's down with flu. Take care monster.
So I stayed at home, hummed to myself, and freaking completed my assignments lar sey! *pats myself on back*
"I just called to ask you what're you doing."
No hello, no nothing. Just a " Do you miss me? "

@ 4:50 AM

Friday, August 10, 2007

Waiting for your call, I'm sick, call I'm angry call I'm desperate for your voice
Listening to the song we used to sing In the car, do you remember Butterfly, Early Summer
It's playing on repeat,
Just like when we would meet
Like when we would meet
I was born to tell you I love you and I am torn to do what I have to, to make you mine
Stay with me tonight
Stripped and polished, I am new, I am fresh
I am feeling so ambitious, you and me, flesh to flesh
Cause every breath that you will take when you are sitting next to me will bring life into my deepest hopes,
What's your fantasy? (What's your, what's your...)
I was born to tell you I love you and I am torn to do what I have to, to make you mine
Stay with me tonight
Your Call by Second Serenade
A song is so much sweeter when someone says, " It's for you. "

@ 7:02 AM

Monday, August 06, 2007

It is high time I post something up here, so I will do it! Instead of doing my assignments of course.

I overslept by 18 minutes today, and I still managed to get ready in a record time of twenty minutes. *pats myself on the back* But I am paying a heavy price for the haste : I fucking forgot to bring my purse. DAMNIT. And it's payday. DAMNIT. I just need my NETS card! That's all! It's the saddest situation ever, having money you can't spend. GAHH.

The past week's been okay.
Except that I've been coughing non-stop since two weeks ago. But I'm better now.

Missed Baybeats, for something so much better. Spent Friday night with Hanif. We walked along Singapore River, sat down outside ACM and talked shit. Haha! What's even better, we did it again on Saturday night.

Experienced my first slam on Saturday. It was the final preview before National Day itself, except that there were no fireworks but people still thought there were so they came in droves to One Fullerton (only to be disappointed muaahahah). Not that I've never experienced a slam before, but that was the first time I got thrown headfirst into it you know what I mean?

Plus, I was sick. Bleah.

I got pissed off at the start of the shift by you know who (the one who didn't switch on the bloody ice machine in the morning and asked Izzy to 'look into it'). I was supposed to stay in the backroom and do prepwork, go bussing, do dishwashing, those kind of things since I was sick, but I found myself doing Frapps suddenly, and BAM we got hit by the crowd at around 6ish, all the way to TEN O CLOCK AT NIGHT.

The crowd was relentless man. What with the ice running out, the morons asking for ice water and whatnot. I actually turned down a few, but I didn't exactly go, " Uh no you can't have ice water." I just said, " Our filtered water is very slow, " while giving a look that completes it with a " so if you have some sense please go away and stop fucking asking for filtered water thank you very nice. " LOL!

I was supposed to end at nine, then got extended to 9.30ish (got me ABIT pissed since I was supposed to meet Hanif) then I made my last drink and got the hell out of there.

I'm doing opening on Thursday, then meeting up with my darlings after. Can't wait.

Can't wait for Saturday either :)

@ 7:15 PM

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I made that okay. Out of nothing but clay. Hah.
Oh wells.
I'm starting to hate school more and more, because of this godforsaken block. The crappiest subject I have ever taken in my life, also known as Visual Presentation Essentials, has made me hopelessly broke.
First off, we have to purchase mounting boards every fucking lesson, and it's not A4 or A3 but A2 and A1 sizes. Do you know how expensive they are? Go to the bookshop and see. Go! And we have to buy at least two every lesson, so we'll spend about 10 bucks every lesson, plus additional materials like cutter, cutting mat, T square, set square, steel ruler, and whatever else.
Then, what do we do to these precious mounting boards? We cut them up into squares!
Yes, that's right. CUT. THEM. UP.
And it's alot harder than you think actually ( I found this out the hard way, I mean, how difficult can cutting ten 10cm by 10cm squares be right? FUCKING difficult, that's how), because the squares have to be exactly identical, no irregularities whatsoever and it is so frustrating I want to cry.
Hai. Seriously.
I skipped lessons too many times already and I am faaaaaar behind. The most recent purchase we have had to make was a compressed board which costs 8 freaking bucks for an A2. Merepek seh.
Other than that, life is good. I think. *grins stupidly*
I wonder if we're moving too fast. Oh wells. Not that I'm complaining or anything, but I don't want history to repeat itself. Like it always does.
I'm having a super bad sore throat. Pray my voice doesn't go away please thank you. No worries, Hacks will save the day! Woot!
I want CPR.

@ 6:07 AM


Okay, so I'm this girl right.

Who had big plans to change the world.
When I was young, I wanted to be either a zoologist, veterinarian or pilot.
I wanted to travel and help eradicate poverty.

And then when this girl grows up, she's all like, fack that!
She becomes guilty of things she never thought she'd have done.
She meets people of all shapes and sizes, some beautiful, some downright fugly.
Both inside and outside.
She becomes acquainted with some things called failure and commitment.
She realises love is as elusive as, perhaps, weight loss.

I let my inner demon out through my art.



green eyes on hot guys, red and purple shoes, pepper and cream puffs, lincoln park at midnight
sitting on carpark roofs talking nonsense, meaningful silences, chewy cookie bits in vanilla ice cream
chocolate icing, shopping till my legs give out, smiling at random people, thinking about stuff



panadol or whatever pills for that matter, retarded nails, losing my voice, being broke
bananas, my thighs and big ass, man boobs, seeing something i really like but discovering that it costs a bomb


levi's jeans, pimple cream, fake lashes, hair dye, a bigger paycheque, M&Ms
new specs, and possibly a hotass guy to sweep me off my feet



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