Monday, April 23, 2007


Heck, I'm in love with poly life, and I haven't even started lessons yet.

OKAY my computer screen is flickering and I'm freaking out so I'll blog another time yeah. Ta!

@ 8:04 AM

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I said I wasn't gona lose my head, but then pop (pop!) goes my heart.

You all have to watch Music and Lyrics. It is one of the best comedies I've watched so far, simply because Hugh Grant looks so adorable shaking his ass. Haha.

Nights at the Esplanade are addictive, whereas the mornings are simply beautiful.

The feeling of being high and sleep-depraved is both addictive and beautiful. Woohoo. Who needs sleep man. Ain't that right Shikin?

I still haven't played enough pool.

The father is breathing down my neck and I hate it. That's why I got no mood to blog. Nights honeys.

@ 5:17 AM

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yesterday, I let loose the shopping demon in me and made full goddamn use of my ATM card. Like finally, after a whole month of abstinence.

I like to say, half my life is art, the other half is shopping.

And shop I did yesterday!

I shopped with Sarah, and we had Subway! Okay, maybe a tiny fraction of my life is made up of Subway sandwiches.

Digression! Biggest joke of the year: Miss Singapore Universe 07. Go figure.

Anyway, I have to make this quick, so I'll just list down what I bought okay!

- white and dark brown skinny striped wedges from mondo
- gold havaianas, the slim strapped ones from num
- brown and turquoise stussy sweater from flash and splash
- dark brown hollister knit top from this shop in far east
- grey pinafore top from sara and pat
- pink racerback with electric guitar prints from spellbound
- l'oreal pear blossom hair dye
- maybelline unstoppable mascara

WOOT! I am one happy girl!

And that's not the end. I still want skinny jeans and spectacles. And more tees. Next stop: Toa Payoh with Shikin dearest.

Thats all honeys, ta!

@ 2:34 AM

Thursday, April 05, 2007

(Attention: This was typed on Tuesday, except my computer connection kena langgar so I couldn't publish it hahahaha)

I cried at work yesterday.

No, not the snot all over the place, blubbering messy kind of crying, but more the enraged burst of tears I occasionally get when someone pisses me off real bad. Don't worry, I haven't turned into an emotional wreck or whatever, it's just that the tears come out and I don't even realise I'm crying because I'm too busy shooting my mouth off at the person/thing/whatever that pissed me off. Hur hur.

So what happened syaf?

Yesterday, I opened alone, and was alone until about two something. Hidayah (one of the Shugar bitches haha in case you're wondering, yes, I am one too) came because she was going to accompany me for lunch. I was supposed to be working with two interns from ITE Simei yesterday, so we both waited for them to come.

They came at around two plus, two twenty, with a management member (the same one who wrote on my attendance sheet about sitting around and smsing) and his girlfriend (the one who caught me eating at the pushcart). So you can imagine how happy I was.

He told me to help the interns familiarise themselves with the pushcart, teach them how to use the register and whatever, and I said, " After I teach them everything, I go for lunch okay? "

He said, "Yes okay sure sure."

I would like to clarify firstly that LUNCH equates a ONE HOUR BREAK.

I remember clearly, when I told the interns to sign in the attendance file, the time on the pushcart phone (which should be dead accurate since it is the pushcart phone after all) was 2.26 pm. I SWEAR TO GOD THAT WAS THE TIME. And that was before I started to teach them the register things and everything. So dillying and dallying around would probably take about 20mins or so right? That would make the time about 2.50 when I took off my apron, changed my tee and rummaged around my bag for my purse before finally going off, so logically speaking, I would have gone off at around 3, right?

We went to Macs for lunch, where I binged on a McSpicy meal (somebody kill me now), and I remember leaving at 3.55, thereabouts, which would mean that I took slightly less or over an hour for lunch right?

So there I was, happy and full, when HE gave me a call.

" Syaf, where did you go for lunch?"

"Oh, I'm coming up now, I went downstairs."

"I thought you went Jurong."


"How many hours did you go for break??"

"Uh, one."

"Never mind, you come up now."

Uhhhhh. What?

So I went back to the pushcart, where they were there, along with the guy who always does closing at TM, who went out into the Open Plaza for a smoke when I came. I went up to the happy couple and gave them a questioning look, like, " So what's the problem now?"

And he said he had been waiting there since 2.30, meaning to say I left for my break at 2.30 and came back at 4, when I remember THEY CAME AT ABOUT 2.30 SO HOW CAN HE SAY HE'S BEEN WAITING THERE SINCE 2 FREAKING 30??? I tried to give a calm and rational explanation (more like a counter attack because I have to stand up for my rights hello) and you know what he did??? He just shrugged, looked at his girlfriend and went to the back to talk to the interns, leaving me standing there like an idiot, practically foaming at the mouth.


Who will not get pissed, you tell me. First, you try and be sarcastic to me on the phone, then you make it seem like I did something so bloody wrong based on your own assumptions, then you don't even acknowledge my explanation, let alone conclude the fucking problem. EH PLEASE LAH.

Does he think I have no education, and I am unable to think logically and reasonably, and he can push me around however and whenever he wants? HUH? Does he think that by blowing me off in front of the interns for so called irresponsible behaviour and going off for lunch slightly over the allocated hour, then speaking to them in Mandarin when it is clearly stated in the rules as NOT ALLOWED, he is acting as an authoritative person, thus he commands my respect? WELL, FUCK YOU.

He DID forget that the interns came late, they were supposed to come at 1.45 so I can go off for my lunch. He can say that they were from Bugis so abit delayed but if you have an ounce of consideration in your head and you think about an employee taking care of a pushcart alone since 1030 in the morning, and she hasn't had her breakfast, wouldn't you at least make an effort to come earlier? And whatever the hell they were doing at Bugis, I don't know.

I was so enraged I think I just slammed some cupboard doors around, wore my apron and stood rock still at the pillar next to the pushcart. Hidayah went off to visit her friend at 77th Street, so when she came back and saw my face, she was like, Omg what happened??

I paused slightly before half-screaming the story at her (by this time, the management people left already and they didn't even acknowledge me before they left) and getting myself so worked up I started tearing there and then. Thank God it was the subdued, I got it under control kind of tears so I managed to calm myself down after a few minutes. And get this, the two interns left for lunch TOGETHER in the presence of the management, which is also NOT ALLOWED. Gosh, I've never felt so injusticed before in my whole life.

( End of my fury.)

Anyhoo, I'm okay now :)

I'm getting my pay tomorrow, so yeah. Happy. Lalala.

I mean, THEY BETTER GET MY PAY IN BY TOMORROW. If not, I will kill someone. I mean it. Then I will run away from prison with Wentworth.

New addiction: Subway cookies. Mmhmm.

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Okay, so I'm this girl right.

Who had big plans to change the world.
When I was young, I wanted to be either a zoologist, veterinarian or pilot.
I wanted to travel and help eradicate poverty.

And then when this girl grows up, she's all like, fack that!
She becomes guilty of things she never thought she'd have done.
She meets people of all shapes and sizes, some beautiful, some downright fugly.
Both inside and outside.
She becomes acquainted with some things called failure and commitment.
She realises love is as elusive as, perhaps, weight loss.

I let my inner demon out through my art.



green eyes on hot guys, red and purple shoes, pepper and cream puffs, lincoln park at midnight
sitting on carpark roofs talking nonsense, meaningful silences, chewy cookie bits in vanilla ice cream
chocolate icing, shopping till my legs give out, smiling at random people, thinking about stuff



panadol or whatever pills for that matter, retarded nails, losing my voice, being broke
bananas, my thighs and big ass, man boobs, seeing something i really like but discovering that it costs a bomb


levi's jeans, pimple cream, fake lashes, hair dye, a bigger paycheque, M&Ms
new specs, and possibly a hotass guy to sweep me off my feet



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