Sunday, July 13, 2008


@ 8:44 PM

Monday, July 07, 2008

August, the bittersweet one.

Explosions lighting up the sky, and distant, oh so distant memories. Isn't it amazing how time flies. Things fall apart only for better things to fall in place. Much more better. Sometimes we don't realise that, and we waste time dwelling on the past.

It doesn't matter if I met you a year earlier or not. What we go through, is what makes us.
I am very much in love too.


So many things happened in such a short period of time. Disillusionment is never one of my favourite feelings. I just have to deal with it like a slap to the face.

Goodnight to you.

@ 8:38 AM

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pink skies.

Pretty right the cake. And sedap nak mampos.

THE BIG BOSS. Now the big ex-boss.

Bowling with minus one of The Tasty Bunch.


Machiam GQ model.
How can people not like cats you tell me!!!
Sunsets are another thing altogether.

I am a happy girl after eating Popeye's.

View from the other side.

I know I know, you want to slap us.

We love the camera, yes we do!

Ali : Please donate, we need your money!

TLS in action at Something Good. It was freaking hot luh.

Ada tokoh menjadi manusia batang.

Mizee, always the entertainer. Now he needs a loudhailer.

Sunrise, sunrise. It ain't everyday I get to see this.

We love shisha, yes we do.

Monkeys On A Train coming to movie theatres near you soon.
Syaf and Mon look like they know something Wan and Nurul don't. HAHA.


It's okay love. Everything's alright. Material things can always be replaced.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

I don't want to blog about my love life all the time.

But I'm thankful I even have one in the first place. A proper one, not those fly-by-night, good-for-nothing things. To think that five months ago, I was wavering on turning lesbian or remaining single for at least a year or two.

Okay I'm kidding on the lesbian part.

I love you Mizee.

@ 10:21 AM

Friday, June 20, 2008

Yesterday's BBQ was a blast. It was nice to see everybody all gathered together.
Neng, Dean and Fadzil tending the pit together. Nostalgia, anyone?

I wanted to stay, but I was half-dead by 3am and I had a massive headache. Blame it on the period. So five of us squeezed in Iskandar's car and off we went.

Okay, I've made up my mind. Motorbike license, here I come.

Wanton mee in the morning is bad for my stomach. I'm gona go release. Yeap. Melepas, orang cakap. Release ah. K bye!

PS. I love Mizee.

@ 10:43 PM

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh, Januarisman.


Hehe. Don't worry Mizee, you're still my number one.

I went to school today! And it was actually remotely fun. See, school isn't so bad.

@ 11:43 AM

Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm having a headache. Headache from having too much to do in too little time. I managed to rush through my Creative Storytelling assignment (50 percent!!!), now I'm trying to get my gears running for Prepress.

These are the times I wish I could take your hand and run away. I wish I could lie down on an endless field and watch the clouds go by while I lay on your chest listening to your heartbeat. I wish I could sit on the beach with the waves lapping at our feet, looking into the soft black pools that are your eyes. You'd pick me up and flail me in the air and we'd laugh, a frozen moment where nothing else matters.

This boy got himself a haircut! Without telling me! Haha.

Another one leaving SBOF. Zahri, this very approachable fatherly guy has been promoted to the atas place and is leaving the ship. I will never, ever forget the morning/night me and Yana saw him dance on New Year! HAHAHAHA! That moment, we knew Zahri is a very special person. Yes, a very different approach compared to Dean, but is a great manager in his own right. Always has a smile on his face, never raises his voice to any of us but is definitely firm when he needs to be, is extremely patient and a gregarious sense of humour.

I'll miss him.

Well, gots to get ready for school (bleah). Turrah!

@ 11:14 PM


Okay, so I'm this girl right.

Who had big plans to change the world.
When I was young, I wanted to be either a zoologist, veterinarian or pilot.
I wanted to travel and help eradicate poverty.

And then when this girl grows up, she's all like, fack that!
She becomes guilty of things she never thought she'd have done.
She meets people of all shapes and sizes, some beautiful, some downright fugly.
Both inside and outside.
She becomes acquainted with some things called failure and commitment.
She realises love is as elusive as, perhaps, weight loss.

I let my inner demon out through my art.



green eyes on hot guys, red and purple shoes, pepper and cream puffs, lincoln park at midnight
sitting on carpark roofs talking nonsense, meaningful silences, chewy cookie bits in vanilla ice cream
chocolate icing, shopping till my legs give out, smiling at random people, thinking about stuff



panadol or whatever pills for that matter, retarded nails, losing my voice, being broke
bananas, my thighs and big ass, man boobs, seeing something i really like but discovering that it costs a bomb


levi's jeans, pimple cream, fake lashes, hair dye, a bigger paycheque, M&Ms
new specs, and possibly a hotass guy to sweep me off my feet



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